Try these 5 healthy drinks to keep cholesterol at bay

A healthy diet plays a main role in keeping cholesterol levels normal. One needs to be aware of the nutritious value of the food that one eats each day to stay away from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Following a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, medical tests at proper intervals and a … Read more

Zerodha boss sets fitness challenge for employees; announces 1-month bonus, ₹10 lakh motivation kicker

Financial services company Zerodha, which encouraged its employees to focus on their health during the 2020 Covid pandemic, has now made fitness a norm. In the latest initiative, Zerodha chief Nithin Kamath has set a new health challenge for employees so that they take out time for workout/exercise/sports activities. The Zerodha employees would be given … Read more

Carolyn Hansen: Happiness comes from within and exercise helps

Endorphins are nature’s “feel good” hormones and are manufactured in the brain during intense physical activity. Photo / 123rf OPINION Happiness is almost a worldwide obsession these days. The self-help shelves of bookstores and online websites are laden with offerings that promise to help you find or achieve happiness. We could define happiness as simply … Read more

A Wearable Device to Monitor Metabolites and Nutrients

Today, we want to highlight an interesting development on the wearable diagnostic front: researchers have developed a wearable device that can monitor nutrients, hormones, and drugs [1]. Real-time health monitoring The popularity of medical wearables has increased in recent years. A few decades ago, a complex diagnostic machine able to measure circulating molecules in the … Read more

Which seafood is most nutritious and least carbon intensive?

Calling all seafood lovers: to adopt a diet that’s low on emissions and good for your health, consider boosting your intake of oysters, anchovies, and salmon…but maybe avoid the shrimp. These are the suggestions of a new study that compared the nutritional and emissions impact of different seafoods, homing in on a number of species, … Read more