How to Build Great Abs with the Sit Up

This extensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Sit Up. What is a Sit Up? A sit up is an exercise that works the rectus abdominis muscle, which is the big muscle that runs vertically down the front of your stomach. Sit ups help with strengthening your abdominal muscles and … Read more

Get Abs by Walking, Lifting, Eating Well Says Athlete Hunter McIntyre

Core exercises aren’t essential for getting rippling abs, athlete Hunter McIntyre told Insider. The American won the 2022 Hyrox World Championship, displaying prowess in endurance and strength. He has a six-pack but rarely trains abs, preferring walking, lifting, and strengthening his back. Loading Something is loading. If you want to develop rippling abs, you don’t … Read more

Neuroscientists & Dietitians Agree This Focus Supplement Delivers

Even better, with a targeted nootropic supplement, you can get a handful of ingredients that enhance cognitive function other offer neuroprotective properties—all in a simple daily capsule!* That’s precisely why we at mindbodygreen created focus+—to provide an easy, effective, and sustainable solution to your attention, energy, and concentration needs.* The hero of this formula is … Read more

1 in 2 people may have high blood clotting markers

Share on PinterestNew research finds elevated blood clot markers in people with long COVID who also have a reduced capacity to exercise. Roberto Moiola/Sysaworld/Getty Images Researchers do not yet fully understand the mechanisms underlying the symptoms of long COVID. A new study shows that 28% of individuals with long COVID show higher levels of markers … Read more

‘He’s Not Coming Back’ – Fitness Volt

Jay Cutler is a four-time Mr. Olympia champion and led one of the most successful bodybuilding careers in the sport’s history. In a recent podcast with coach Milos Sarcev, Cutler shot down seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath’s chances of a return to competitive bodybuilding. In the mid-2000s Jay Cutler dominated the men’s open landscape with … Read more