Eat Right: Love your junk food? Here are the ingredients that are wrecking your gut health

Increased consumption of junk food, particularly in children and young adults, has become a public health challenge with a global incidence of around 70 percent. The ready-to-eat processed and preserved junk foods are almost replacing traditional foods, thereby affecting the health status of the people. buy now | Our best subscription plan now has a … Read more

Which is more important for good health?

All you fitness enthusiasts who ensure to walk your daily quota of 10,000 steps, there is some news for you. A new study notes it is not just the number of steps, but also the pace at which you walk that helps enhance the results. Published in the journals JAMA Internal Medicine and JAMA Neurologythe … Read more

India will have more than 27 million obese children by 2030. Can we combat this?

Normally when girls turn 16, there is a spring in their step, they gain body confidence and a certain carriage born out of self-esteem. Rohini Gupta* didn’t have any of this. She was waiting to turn 16 so that she could have a life-saving bariatric surgery, just so that she could breathe and walk easy. … Read more

Genelia Deshmukh ‘feels good’ about walking 20,000 steps; how many steps should one take for better health?

It is widely believed that taking 10,000 steps in a day is an ideal way to stay active and also lose weight. But actor Genelia Deshmukh upped her fitness game by completing 20,000 steps in a day recently. “And its 20K steps. It doesn’t happen every day but when it does, it feels good,” she … Read more

Why a health-food movement is spreading across India

A professional food photographer from Mumbai, Pawan Manglani knew how to eat healthy but, during the stressful months of the first lockdown, he stopped taking care of himself. Processed food, desserts, alcohol and aerated drinks entered his diet and continued well beyond the pandemic. Manglani, 36, could see the changes in his body and stamina. … Read more

Eight tips to make diet healthier and budget-friendly

There are more than 2.5 billion malnourished people living in the world; 800 million are undernourished, 2 billion are overweight or obeseand 2 billion have micronutrient deficiencies. Globally, poor diets are causing morbidity and mortality due to inadequate consumption of nutritious foods and excessive consumption of harmful ones. Modern food production poses risk to the … Read more

The increase in consumption of nutritional supplements (and their efficacy) in the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been an increased shift towards health and nutrition, and rightly so. With stronger immunity and greater health, it becomes easier to ward off a host of illnesses and recover faster. While consuming healthy vegetables and fruits is essential, many also turned attention to nutritional supplements to meet … Read more

Guide to eat right: Common myths about combining food that you should know

Food combining refers to a nutritional approach that either advocates combinations of foods or discourages some combinations for health benefits. Despite a lack of evidence for these claims, food combinations are touted to promote good health, digestion, ‘detox’, and weight loss. It proposes a list of rules such as avoiding starch and protein together, always … Read more

Superfoods for women’s health

A woman’s schedule is always full — she has to work, manage households, maintain relationships, and also take care of her health. Women go through unique biological changes at various stages of their lives such as pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Nutrition, therefore, is essential to maintain health and well-being during these stages. 🗞️Subscribe Now: Get … Read more

How to make your diet more sustainable, healthy or cheap — without giving up nutrients

People choose certain foods or change their diets for a range of reasons: to improve their health, lose weightsave money or due to concerns about sustainability or the way food is produced. Consider the trend towards low-fat products in the 1980s and low-carb diets in the 1990s, and now, the rise in plant-based protein products … Read more