Labor says Bega by-election result contain a warning about the state’s rural health crisis

As Labor claims a historic win in Bega, it says the result is a microcosm for the anger and despair in regional communities over the crisis in rural health. Key points: Labor is claiming an historic win in the Bega by-election with a 13 per cent swing against the Liberal party. Both major parties agree … Read more

Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance launches Kotak Fortune Maximiser with bonus payout options – Know how it works

Under the plan, one can not only have the option to choose their premium amount but also select their premium payment. Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance has announced the launch of Kotak Fortune Maximiser, a limited pay participating endowment plan. Under the Kotak Fortune Maximiser plan, one can not only have the option to choose their … Read more

Long-term Consequences of a Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet has gained massive popularity in recent years. This low-carb diet is promoted in magazines, all over social media, and by celebrities. But is this diet actually healthy? First, let’s talk about what a keto diet means. The Keto diet is a low carb, high-fat diet and involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and … Read more

Health Insurance: Who will benefit in Pakistan?

Health is the most vulnerable sector today. With masses becoming more health-conscious and clinically aware of the rising health costs, the introduction of the national health card better known than the ‘Qaumi Sehat Card’ is nothing short of revolutionary. Still, some may call it an eventual failure. With PKR 1million free coverage for each family … Read more

The Main Reason People Avoid Fast Food May Not Be Unhealthiness, Study Finds

On any given day, about one in three adult Americans eats fast food. There are some problems associated with this. Lots of research suggests fast food isn’t good for you, and it’s been linked to the obesity epidemic affecting millions in the US, among a host of other issues related to health. But according to … Read more

Feds reach agreement with Ascension facilities over ADA service dogs – Macomb Daily

Already feeling stressed out from getting up early and concerned about a planned medical procedure, Sierra Richmond was confronted by another obstacle on the day of her surgery. The staff at Ascension Providence Hospital refused to allow their service dog into a pre-operative area to prepare for the operation. The husky mix is ​​a diabetic … Read more

Friendly User’s Guide for the Timing of Nutritional Supplements

A 2021 survey indicates that 80% of Americans are using supplements — a drastic increase from the 52% reported in a 2012 JAMA report, a statistic that had remained stable since 1999. While at that time the use of multivitamins had decreased somewhat, from 37 to 31 percent, the new survey indicates that 75% of … Read more

Employers should consider these factors before buying health cover for employees

Many employers, during the Covid-19 pandemic, have recognized the importance of group health insurance as the most efficient way of securing the future of their employees in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Here are the few factors that the employers should consider before choosing a group health insurance plan for their employees. Customized employee needs … Read more