How to do a mountain climber

So you hate burpees, join the club! But did you know a burpee isn’t the only compound exercise that targets multiple muscle groups and works up a sweat. Mountain climbers are a killer core exercise that also targets your shoulders, back, hips, quads, and glutes. Below, we’ve got advice on how to do a mountain … Read more

Can committing to 30 days of yoga change your life?

Yoga has plenty of benefits (Picture: Getty) ‘I’m sorry to hear you’re going through all of that… have you tried yoga?’ Anyone who’s struggled with mental health issues will have heard this question. Stay with us – we’re not flogging yoga as a cure-all for depression and anxiety. But the truth is that yoga does … Read more

5 Points to Consider While Buying Health Insurance

This Valentine’s Day gift your partner a health insurance. The aim is to provide your partner with the necessary financial security in the unfortunate event of a health crisis and mounting bills. This becomes a very thoughtful Valentine’s gift since we are living in a pandemic-affected world, where we are witnessing harsh repercussions of medical … Read more

DR MEGAN ROSSI reveals how you can add many years to your life by changing your diet

With new scientific research showing that you can live longer by eating a more diverse plant-based diet, a leading gut health expert has devised an exclusive plan for the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Here, in part two of her series, which continues tomorrow, she shows how you can transform your overall wellbeing … Read more

Three seconds of eccentric weight lifting boosts strength

Researchers at Edith Cowan University in Australia in partnership with scientists at Niigata University of Health and Welfare in Japan have found that a four-week program consisting of three seconds of weight lifting per day for five days a week boosts strength to a surprising degree. Forty-nine young, sedentary individuals took part in the study. … Read more

Opinion | Covid Drugs May Work Well, but Our Health System Doesn’t

Vaccines are essential for creating widespread immunity against the coronavirus. But drugs that can treat Covid-19 are also critical to combat the pandemic. This is especially true for places where large numbers of people remain unvaccinated and unboosted. These individuals could benefit from treatment if they get sick. Others, like the immunocompromised, may need additional … Read more

5 Secret Pitfalls of This “Healthy” Fast-Food Order — Eat This Not That

Fast-food salads often feel like the restaurant chains’ attempt at seeming wholesome. And unfortunately, they usually fall into one of the two categories: the afterthought salad, featuring lifeless greens and soggy croutons, or the unhealthy salad, which is rarely more than just a different presentation of the same fast-food ingredients you’d normally get in a … Read more

Considering the Ideal Role for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid and Medicare Populations

Medicare and Medicaid programs that serve the most vulnerable Americans facing SDOH barriers can be major facilitators of appropriate non-emergency transportation to non-medical sites. But how do we determine what is appropriate, and what do we know about transportation services to non-medical sites today? Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has been a part of the Medicaid … Read more

Urad dal to chana dal: 5 high-protein lentils for weight loss | Health

Having a bowl of steaming hot dal every day could be your ultimate health mantra. One of the cheapest, easiest and effective ways to lose weight sustainably, lentils are loaded with high amounts of fiber and protein that not only make it a low-calorie food but also something which can keep you satisfied for long. … Read more