Ayyan shares fitness journey after suffering heart attack

Model Ayyan has often made headlines for all the wrong reasons. With being in the news for her infamous money-laundering case, the model was often clicked by the paparazzi during her visits to the court.

Ayyan, who had taken a social media hiatus since 2015, returned to the micro-blogging website in 2020. Since then, she has been updating her Twitter and Instagram every other day. In a recent Instagram post, Ayyan revealed how she had a health scare and her struggle with weight.

Sharing a video of herself while working out, Ayyan shared, “Let’s share my weight struggle after being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and post-traumatic stress disorder. This weight struggle is my story of how I went from 60kg to 100kg and back to 58kg. It has been my personal journey to date but I m ​​sure it will be motivational for you all too.”

She went on to add, “In 2015 when I went to jail in a fake political case, I decided to always put a smile on the face of the world so that rivals are not happy and friends are not worried! Everyone has seen this smiling face but no one has seen the chronic depression, stress and anxiety behind this smiling face!”

Explaining, the model commented, “For the next two years, depression, stress and anxiety increased with each passing day. Money laundering, murder, terrorism every week there was a new fake case to deal with. Remnants of the physical and mental torture of the prison days in a death cell were always present and the dirtiest role-playing on national TV forced me to remain alone.”

Ayyan shared that as a result, “my mobility decreased and my stress eating increased! At the same time, a series of panic attacks also started, as a result, the weight increased to 90 kg.” She then revealed she had also suffered a heart attack. “A few months after winning 6th time my ECL case and arriving in Dubai I suffered my first heart attack. While lying in the hospital I gained 10kg more weight and reached 100kg!”

Ayyan added that she was advised by the doctors to lose weight to save her life. “When the doctor gave the discharge report he also said that if the weight is not reduced, the next heart attack may also bring a permit of departure from this world,” the model penned. “I said may my enemies die at such a young age not me! I thought if you have to die why not die from overexertion? After leaving the hospital I chose an exercise program that only male professional athletes prefer.”

Determined to prove her haters wrong, Ayyan shared, “Everyone said how you will lift such heavy weights and I said, ‘Watch me do it.’ Then I did what even male professional athletes could not do. I lost about 40kg weight in the next 4 to 6 months and that too completely in a safe way without any inorganic aid.”

She her concluded note with, “Today I am healthy. May Allah Almighty bless us and our families with the best in this world and the afterlife.”

Ayyan was arrested on March 14, 2015, on the charges of money laundering after Customs officials recovered $506,000 from her luggage at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport before she could board a flight to Dubai. A Customs court in November 2015 indicted Ayyan for attempting to smuggle out more than $500,000, to which she pleaded ‘not guilty’.

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