I’m a PT – here’s 6 simple ‘tweaks’ that helped me shed weight (and you DON’T have to track calories)

EVEN personal trainers are keen to make improvements to their shape.

And one has shared some subtle tweaks she made to get into an even fitter shape than she was already in.


Personal trainer Alice Evans posted these two photos that are two years apart. She lost 9kg (1st 6lbs)Credit: @aliiceevan’s Instagram
Alice made small tweaks to her diet


Alice made small tweaks to her dietCredit: @aliiceevan’s Instagram

An Australian personal trainer has shared the subtle health tweaks she made to her diet and exercise regime to lose 9kg (1st 6lbs) during the Covid pandemic.

Alice Evans, who works at F45 Mitcham and Croydon, Victoria, shared a before and after of her success on Instagram.

She wrote on @aliiceevans: “Don’t forget to look back to see how far you’ve come 2020 – 2022. Covid got me good… Same bikini but nine kilos apart. Different priorities and now a much stronger and streamlined mindset.”

The 24-year-old didn’t track her calories or restrict her eating in any way, Daily Mail Australia reported.

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Instead, she honed in on her likely arleady very healthy diet and looked for small ways she could improve.

She cut down on saturated fat and ate more plant-based foods (such as beans, lentils, nuts, vegetables).

But a cruicial change to her died was ditching the booze.

Alice, who has lost 10 per cent body fat loss and 10cm around her belly, said: “I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption.

“Low calorie drinks are okay but it’s not just the calories that make you fat.

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“The body doesn’t like ethanol as it sees it as a toxin, so will therefore prioritize digesting the ethanol to remove it from your body over food.

“As a result all the food you’ve eaten that day/after struggles to be digested and gets stored as fat.”

Alice cut back on processed food and saturated fat – a type of fat that’s found in butter, ghee, cheese, fatty cuts of meat, sausages, bacon, pastries (like sausage rolls), cakes, biscuits, coconut milk and more.

“This can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure,” she said.

Alice admitted she was eating “a little more chocolate and cheese than I was liking”, both of which are “extremely high in saturated fat and very easy to over consume”.

As a result of her focus on cutting saturated fat, Alice said she’d lost visceral fat – fat that surrounds the organs and raises the risk of heart disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Alice increased her fiber intake with more beans and lentils, aiming for three to four servings a day so she feels fuller for longer.

Fiber is filling, which may reduce your snacking, and also helps keep the bowels moving.

Alice said: “I increased my fruits and vegetables and had a lot more salads with all my meals.

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“Plants are naturally low in calories so you can have a high volume for little calories. They also fill you up due to the fiber and water content.”

Alice is a gym bunny and exercises regularly.

Alice, at Australian PT, honored in on her diet


Alice, at Australian PT, honored in on her dietCredit: @aliiceevan’s Instagram
The 24-year-old said she was eating a little more chocolate and cheese than her liking


The 24-year-old said she was eating a little more chocolate and cheese than her likingCredit: @aliiceevan’s Instagram

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