Furious Goodlife Health Club members hope petition will help overturn decision to scrap creche services

Furious gym-goers are getting behind a petition to save creche services at one of Australia’s biggest fitness chains.

Goodlife Health Clubs announced last week that it would no longer be able to mind clients’ children while they hit the gym from July 3.

A post on the Goodlife Health Clubs social media page stated the decision was made “with a heavy heart” due to a 50-60 per cent drop in use due to COVID-19.

But the backlash started immediately with some members threatening to cancel their membership and others warning it could affect the mental health of mothers.

A petition on change.org that aims to get the decision overturned has attracted more than 3700 signatures in less than a week.

There are more than 85 Goodlife Health Clubs across Australia with more than 295,000 members.

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