A garage by any name is a garage, cartoon insults swing voter

Garage by any other name still an eyesore

Selby Gardens has taken its euphemism skills to another level.

In 2019, it called its proposed parking garage/restaurant the Sky Garden. As absurd as that was, Selby has now outdone himself, according to the news release/front page article in your April 20 edition.

Living Energy Access Facility? Oh come on It’s a building large enough to park 450 vehicles, with a restaurant and gift shop. How much did Selby Gardens pay some marketing firm to come up with that bizarre title?

Did management like the LEAF acronym? That’s the only thing “green” about this out-of-place, obtrusive structure with a silly name.

The reporter provided no reaction from neighbors to the ongoing massive construction. In fact, the report has no reaction from anyone not associated with Selby Gardens.

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