I tried the Emi Wong Slim Legs in 20 days workout — here’s what happened

 If you fancy a beginner-style, bodyweight leg workout, I’ve found it. YouTube star and social media influencer Emi Wong has created a quiet leg day workout named, “Slim Legs in 20 days! 10 min No Jumping Quiet Home Workout” which has over 30 million views on YouTube. Intrigued, I unrolled my yoga mat to find out more. 

Wong claims that doing the 10-minute workout for 20 days will have you well on your way to Kendall Jenner pins. As a personal trainer, I will add that genetics plays a huge huge role in the shape of your body. Please don’t think that you can lengthen your legs (unless you want to experience some type of 14th-century torture machine — not recommended) doing any exercise. You can, however, make your legs look leaner and more toned with the right exercise regime.  

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