Praises for SDA fitness challenge in Tobago


Angel Davidson, right, competes in the skipping challenge at SDA’s Skip to my Luw fitness challenge at the Cyd Gray Complex, Roxborough, last weekend.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted its inaugural skipping challenge, titled Skip to my LUW, at the Cyd Gray Multipurpose Complex, last Sunday. he event was designed as a physical and spiritual motivation to lose unwanted weight (LUW). It began with a five-minute endurance challenge.

Angel Davidson, 14, of Mt St George, competing in the under-25 female category, was the only competitor to reach the five-minute limit without stopping. Rophe Smith of Mason Hall, topped the under-25 males.

Keon Yorke of Plymouth was superior to his peers in the men’s over-25 age category, while Marlyn Murray of Bethesda outlasted the other challengers in the women’s equivalent.

Skips, push-ups and intense running drills were the combinations in the cross-fit-style category. Davidson easily completed the task in the female category, to secure her second title on the day. Richard Thomas of Roxborough prevailed among the men.

The individual freestyle segment proved to be the highlight among the spectators. Competitors were required to combine at least four variations of skips in 30 seconds.

Kerrecia Lovelace of Mt St George drew the biggest crowd approval among the females, while Jerron Jordan, also of Mt St George, was the standout among the males.

Davidson, who was the most impressive competitor on the day, said skipping comes naturally to her. “Skipping is something I like, it is something I do in my spare time,” she said.

“But I got in some practice a week before the competition. During the competition, I just got into a rhythm and everything came natural.”

The afternoon proceedings featured a lively half-hour aerobic session, led by instructors Brendon Thompson and Dean Wright, along with an acrobatic exhibition of skipping skills, by Isaiah Stokes, of the Trinidad and Tobago Jump Rope Federation.

During her feature address, THA Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Faith BYisrael, in congratulating the church, said the religious institution was making her job easier with such initiatives.

Co-ordinator of the event, Pastor Richard Frederick, who is also the health director of the Tobago mission, said the event was an extension of the zoom and mini-aerobics caravan, which they held during the initial stages of the pandemic.

He said, “The turnout of the public was great, we were happy to attract a mixture of young and senior people, along with athletic individuals and those challenged with excessive weight.

“The church has been carrying a strong health message since its formalization in 1863, through processes such as health food factories, hospitals, restaurants and life-style centres, throughout the world.

“In keeping with biblical ideals, the church community in Tobago has committed itself to promoting health and well-being throughout all communities on the island, in partnerships with relevant interest groups.”

Four other events are planned throughout the year in the various church zones, with the central zone scheduled for April 10.

Skip to my LUW results:

Endurance: U-25 female: 1. Angel Davidson, 2. Aleyah Campbell, 3. Arielle Nicols.

Endurance U-25 male: 1st Rophe Smith, 2nd Justin Orr, 3rd Miguel Phillips.

Endurance Over-25 female: 1. Marlyn Murray, 2. Christy Osmond-Sebro.

Endurance Over-25 male: 1st Keon Yorke, 2nd David Thomas, 3rd Joel Lovelace.

Combo women: 1. Angel Davidson, 2. Aleyah Campbell, 3. Roxanne Andrews.

Combo men: 1. David Thomas, 2. Richard Frederick, 3. Rophe Smith.

Individual freestyle women: Kerricia Lovelace

Individual freestyle men: Jerron Jordan.

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