Here’s how to start working out again after a break

Here’s a little secret of mine about being a personal trainer: Despite fitness being at the centre of my world, I’m a fairly unimpressive physical specimen. I’m not particularly strong, not exceptionally fast, not genetically gifted in any way. In fact, I’m not even that hard of a worker in the gym. One thing I … Read more

Fitness Coach Reacts To The Kardashian’s Workout Video

Everyone knows that Kardashian money can give you access to a breadth of specialists from cooks to doctors, but more recently, people have been eyeing their personal trainers. During one scene of the new Kardashian’s Hulu show, fans watched Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney in the gym, working on their fitness — how else could Kim … Read more

There May Be an Optimal Time of Day For Exercise, But It’s Not The Same For Everybody

Exercise is good for you no matter the time of day, but a new randomized control trial has found breaking a sweat in the morning and the evening might target different parts of the body and mind.   Over the course of 12 weeks, 27 healthy and active women and 20 healthy and active men … Read more

Changing up your fitness routine can help revive that faded passion

Chris Lavoie works out with weights while his partner Elise Sanderson does squats during a fitness class at the 416 Fitness Club on Feb. 2.Fred Lum/the Globe and Mail It’s been said familiarity breeds contempt. I’m not sure this is entirely true, but in the gym, where repetition is the rule of law, this adage … Read more

How to get the most out of your workouts if you don’t have a trainer

Rather than waste your time and energy on useless exercises and training fads, learn how to structure your own workouts for maximum efficiency.Cameron Prins/iStockPhoto / Getty Images A big part of being a personal trainer is making decisions – which exercises, how many sets, how many reps and in what particular order – so my … Read more

Here’s the Strength Training Gear Recommended by Pros

If you’re just starting out, this sturdy self-locking one from Element 26, which also comes in an array of colors, is a great option. I’ve tried a number of hard belts, but I found that this one from Cerberus is the most comfortable and supportive for my intermediate-level lifting. When you’re ready to go really … Read more

Why You Don’t Need to Feel Sore After a Workout to Know if You’ve Exercised Enough

“No pain, no gain” is a commonly used expression when it comes to getting in shape. It may also be why many of us think that you need to feel sore after a workout to know that you’ve done enough.   There are many reasons why your muscles might get sore after a workout. But, … Read more

What Does It Take to Become a Personal Trainer (and Is It Worth It)?

Last year, I got a personal training certification to round out my knowledge and ensure I can be even more of a know-it-all when I write about fitness for you guys. Since so many people are interested in this line of work, I thought I’d break down what the experience was like, whether it was … Read more

Why It’s More Than OK to Walk During Your Run

Photo: kasarp studio (Shutterstock) Anyone who claims that walk breaks don’t make you a “real” runner is not only a weird jerk, but simply incorrect. The walk/run combination is a legitimate strategy used by runners of all levels. Whether your goal is to gradually build distance, or to conserve energy to finish a race strong, … Read more

Pushing too hard without adequate recovery can lead to a condition called overtraining syndrome

The more you exercise, the fitter you get – but only up to a certain point. Elite athletes have long known that pushing too hard for weeks or months without adequate recovery can lead to a mysterious and poorly understood condition called overtraining syndrome. Scientists haven’t been able to reliably pinpoint when athletes are in … Read more