Is Walking Enough Exercise? How Many Steps Is Enough to Reduce Dementia?

Walking has been proven to bring many health benefits. However, can walking alone provide the amount of exercise the body needs? What are the different effects of walking 2,000 versus 10,000 steps a day? According to Harvard Medical School, walking brings five surprising benefits: First, walking can counteract the effects of weight-promoting genes. In more … Read more

Chocolate for a Leaner, Longer Life

Chocolate offers unique slimming and longevity benefits, as well as antioxidants that can help prevent chronic disease—but it’s important to eat the “good” type and only in ideal amounts. Studies point out that chocolate may not only make life sweet, but also help lengthen it. Chocolate isn’t a recent invention; its health benefits date back … Read more

Oral Antibiotics May Cause Reduction in Exercise

A study by the University of California (UCR) suggests that broad-spectrum oral antibiotics may reduce motivation and endurance for voluntary exercise in humans, with the effects magnified in high-exercise cohorts. “We believed an animal’s collection of gut bacteria, its microbiome, would affect digestive processes and muscle function, as well as motivation for various behaviors, including … Read more

6 Movements to Help You Undo Harm Done by Sedentary Behavior

Sedentary behavior may impact people’s life expectancy in negative ways. Many studies have found that sedentary behavior increases the incidence of fatal diseases. In addition to reducing sitting time, there are six movements to stretch the stiff body, strengthen muscle strength, and reduce the damage done by sedentary behavior. Sedentary behavior increases the risk of … Read more

Why Do We Love Sugar?

Sugar takes your brain on an addictive joyride that can make it hard to resist. This excerpt from Julie Daniluk’s new book, “Becoming Sugar-Free: How to Break Up With Inflammatory Sugars and Embrace a Naturally Sweet Life,” explains exactly what happens when you get eat that chocolate lava cake. Why Do We Love Sugar? Did … Read more

“Miracle” Herb Offers Many Amazing Health Benefits

Obesity is a major health concern in the United States, impacting millions of Americans’ lives. It is a serious health condition on its own but becomes of even greater concern when you factor in its role in diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. If you have struggled with reaching your ideal weight, you are probably eager … Read more

How to Root Out the Underlying Cause of Overeating

We often turn to food to quell feelings we haven’t found better ways of dealing with Most of us have heard the term “freshman 15,” referring to the 15 pounds many college students gain during their first year away from home. But a similar phenomenon occurs for many adults over the winter. When it’s cold … Read more

Fatigue Might Not Mean You’re Tired – 5 Major Causes and Solutions

The busy modern person has a lot to do and worry about every day. Many of us work long hours and get little sleep. The occurrence of three meals a day at set times is increasingly rare. Various life pressures exhaust the body and mind, and issues like insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, fear, and depression … Read more