11 Single-Leg Exercises to Build Strength and Balance—And Work Your Abs Too

From running to walking to climbing stairs, a whole lot of life happens on one leg. That’s why it’s helpful to include single-leg exercises in your workout routine, especially if your goal is well-balanced, functional strength. Single-leg exercises are crucial for achieving that, Ava Fagin, CSCS, sports performance coach at Cleveland State University, tells SELF. … Read more

Best strategy for weight loss: Cardio vs strength | Health

For decades, conventional wisdom said that cardio was the best exercise for weight loss. Then strength training muscled its way into the spotlight as the must do move for reviving your metabolism and increasing the resting metabolic rate. The key to achieving any fitness goal is to be consistent and if weight loss is your … Read more

10 Simple Strength Training Workouts

While we know that exercising regularly is crucial to overall well-being, it’s important to understand that every exercise offers different benefits. Take cardio, for example—it promotes heart health and boosts circulation. Swimming, on the other hand, is a more low-impact workout that can improve endurance and strengthen and tone your muscles. Strength training is one … Read more

There’s a New Way to Find Out If You’re Getting Enough Exercise

Photo: Halfpoint (Shutterstock) The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (and similar recommendations from other countries) call for healthy adults to get 150 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking, per week. Vigorous exercise counts double, so if you’re a runner, you can meet the minimum guidelines with 75 minutes. But what if you have the time … Read more

This Knee-Friendly Workout Proves You Don’t Need Squats to Work Your Legs and Butt

Squats can be a super-effective lower-body exercise, but if they aggravate your knees, don’t sweat it: You can get in a great, knee-friendly workout that will still target your legs and butt. In fact, we have an awesome four-move routine that will light up your lower half with absolutely no squatting involved! So, why might … Read more

Do These Workouts Next Time You’re Stuck in a Hotel Gym

photo: rotsukhon lam (Shutterstock) Now that you know How to scope out a hotel gym, the next step is knowing what to do when you get there. Hotel gyms tend to be pretty bare bones, so you’ll have to make the most of limited equipment and, often, lighter weights than you may like. But that … Read more

Why the Dumbbell Hip Thrust Works Your Butt Like Not Other Exercise

Doing exercises that strengthen your glutes is important because they are your body’s main drivers of power and movement. For example, walking, climbing up stairs, picking up things off the ground, and running are all daily functional movements that rely on your glutes. And if you’re an athlete, your glutes are what allow you to … Read more

The Fitness ‘Rules’ That Are Okay to Break

Photo: Atstock Productions (Shutterstock) I’ve learned a lot in my many years in the gym, and beginner-me would be shocked and appalled by the things present-me does during workouts. With the benefit of experience, I now do exercises I used to think one should “never” do, and I’ve broken pretty much every other rule besides. … Read more

A Quick HIIT Arms Workout to Fire Up Your Biceps and Triceps Fast

Looking to fire up your arms, but don’t have a ton of time? This HIIT arms workout may be exactly what you’re looking for. In less than seven minutes, this routine will target both the front and back of your upper arms—your biceps and triceps. One time-honored exercise technique for getting a lot of work … Read more

New to exercise? Try the Farmer’s Walk for simple strength training

Many of us urbanites hold gym memberships or find other ways to exercise, yet you’ll be surprised to hear that millions have never tried lifting weights – not even the lightest of dumbbells. Despite all the literature out there on the benefits of strength training to tone muscles, increase bone density and reduce the risk … Read more