I’m 65 and know I need to exercise more — but I hate it. Here’s what I’m trying to turn it around.

I blame it all on Robert Preston — my dislike of exercise and fitness, that is. Now that I’m 65 and unretired and someone with Type 2 diabetes, I’m trying to change my attitude and habits about exercising (with mixed success). If you’re in your 60s or so, I’m here to tell you how and … Read more

Fitness centers hold off on renewing ventilation facilities

File photo. Fitness centers had little intention to invest in upgrading ventilation facilities, a veteran said, as the industry expected a government subsidy.  The second stage of easing in social distancing measures has been implemented starting Thursday, allowing citizens to not wear masks when exercising in fitness centers that meet the requirement of six or … Read more

I hate working out, but I loved my Reformer Pilates class

Estimated read time: 4-5 minutes reformer pilates. It may sound like an intimidating workout, but rest assured, it’s anything but. Don’t misunderstand—it’s a workout. But you’ll enjoy it every step of the way—and this is coming from someone who loathes exercise. The high-intensity classes and cardio jumping to crazy music aren’t my scene. Additionally, I … Read more

Barbell exercises are ‘must do’ exercises for many but the truth isn’t as simple

If strong is the new sexy, it’s no wonder more people than ever want to start lifting weights. Instagram hashtags such as “fitspiration” (fitness inspiration) and #gym contain millions of posts, typically of flexed muscles, inspirational quotes and exercise advice. While weight training can be a great way to lose weight and build muscle, it … Read more

‘I’m an athlete’: Omaha woman with MS stays positive on fitness journey ahead of Lincoln race | livewell

On a recent Friday morning, Kim Freeman helps Kim Kozelichki start her day at a kitchen table. Freeman slips Kozelichki’s arm into a teal windbreaker. Kozelichki stands. She tugs on the zipper, struggling. “Can you get it, Kim?” Freeman asks. “Of course not,” Kozelichki says, matter-of-factly. Kim Kozelichki’s frame is slight. Her hair highlighted blond. … Read more

Six Stretches for a Better Start to Your Workout

Stretching is important, but not all stretching is equally helpful. Research has shown that static stretches, like touching your toes, can actually reduce performance in sports that require strength and power. Instead, Alexis Colvin, chief medical officer for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, has her athletes perform dynamic stretches before workouts or games. SHARE YOUR … Read more

Insurance head calls for UMMC, Blue Cross to resolve dispute, cites ‘devastating’ impact on patients

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney on Thursday penned a letter urging the state’s largest hospital and insurer to utilize the same mediation process that was used to settle their contract dispute in 2018. Chaney told Mississippi Today that the state’s Department of Insurance will be addressing concerns regarding patients’ access to the University of Mississippi … Read more

Here’s the Strength Training Gear Recommended by Pros

If you’re just starting out, this sturdy self-locking one from Element 26, which also comes in an array of colors, is a great option. I’ve tried a number of hard belts, but I found that this one from Cerberus is the most comfortable and supportive for my intermediate-level lifting. When you’re ready to go really … Read more

NY lawmakers debate $220B budget, boosted by federal funds | Health

By MARINA VILLENEUVE – Associated Press ALBANY, NY (AP) — New York is set to rely on an influx of federal funds and higher-than-expected tax revenues to balance the state budget, which was being finalized about a week late. Disagreements over policy issues held up passage of the spending plan, which is being used to … Read more