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There are lots of ways to level up your cycling—and not all of them involve spending more time in the saddle. One simple yet effective hack for becoming a better rider? Incorporate EMOM workouts into your routine. EMOM workouts can be “very beneficial,” says Katie Piersona Denver-based certified spinning instructor and certified personal trainer. They’re … Read more

Should You Exercise in the Morning or Evening? Depends on Goals

Plug PattarinGetty Images According to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology, the time of day you work out can influence exercise-induced health and performance benefits, which varies across genders. For women, exercising in the morning reduced abdominal fat, decreased blood pressure, and improved lower-body muscle power. Evening exercise enhanced physical performance … Read more

How to Do a Single-Leg Deadlift, Plus Its Benefits for Cyclists

One of the major movement patterns all cyclists should master—and one that people tend to have trouble executing correctly—is the hinge. That’s the movement you perform while doing deadlifts, including the more advanced single-leg deadlift. Unlike a quad-dominant squat, which is more about bending the knees and sitting in a chair, hip-dominant deadlift exercises involve … Read more

Rice vs. Pasta: Which Is Healthier?

Monica BertolazziGetty Images It’s true that not all carbohydrates are created equal. Those that are whole grains, for example, tend to have more nutrients, including protein and fiber, than their more processed counterparts. But carbohydrates, like pasta and rice, are important sources of nutrition regardless of whether they’re whole grains, says Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD … Read more

The Best Hamstring Strength Exercises

Cyclists’ hamstrings often get overlooked next to monster quads and bulging calves, the primary movers throughout the pedal stroke. But without enough hamstring strength, you’ll never max out your power potential. That’s because the hamstrings are key muscles throughout the rotation of your pedal stroke. Why you need strong hamstrings on the bike Your hamstrings … Read more