How to Do a Single-Leg Deadlift, Plus Its Benefits for Cyclists

One of the major movement patterns all cyclists should master—and one that people tend to have trouble executing correctly—is the hinge. That’s the movement you perform while doing deadlifts, including the more advanced single-leg deadlift. Unlike a quad-dominant squat, which is more about bending the knees and sitting in a chair, hip-dominant deadlift exercises involve … Read more

Rice vs. Pasta: Which Is Healthier?

Monica BertolazziGetty Images It’s true that not all carbohydrates are created equal. Those that are whole grains, for example, tend to have more nutrients, including protein and fiber, than their more processed counterparts. But carbohydrates, like pasta and rice, are important sources of nutrition regardless of whether they’re whole grains, says Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD … Read more

The Best Hamstring Strength Exercises

Cyclists’ hamstrings often get overlooked next to monster quads and bulging calves, the primary movers throughout the pedal stroke. But without enough hamstring strength, you’ll never max out your power potential. That’s because the hamstrings are key muscles throughout the rotation of your pedal stroke. Why you need strong hamstrings on the bike Your hamstrings … Read more

What is VO2max?

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other cyclists? Measure your VO2 max. Also referred to as maximal oxygen uptake, VO2 max is widely considered the most accurate measurement of cardiovascular fitness. Measuring your VO2max can give you an inside look into your current fitness levels, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your … Read more

How to Do Lateral Squats and Why They’re a Great Move for Runners

Running is a repetitive activity in the sagittal plane—the plane of motion in which you move forward and backward. So, at first thought, it may not make sense to slot side-to-side exercises into your routine. After all, the more closely your strength work mimics your running, the better, right? Not exactly. Working through your body … Read more

The Benefits of Berries Include Fiber and Fighting Inflammation

There’s a solid reason why everything from sour candies and cereals to antacids and energy gels come berry-flavored. It’s a crowd pleasing, sweet flavor. But besides the undeniable deliciousness of artificially-flavored “berry” foods, the real deal is one of the best foods for runners. Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries—as well as their less-common but … Read more

Bent Over Row | How to Do a Bent Over Row

By the looks of it, cycling focuses primarily on the lower body, which means many riders don’t give much thought to upper-body strength-training. “As cyclists, we all focus more on legs,” says Katie Pierson, a Denver-based certified spinning instructor and certified personal trainer. But intentionally targeting the back, arm, and shoulder muscles can lead to … Read more

How to Do a Turkish Get Up

We won’t sugarcoat it: The Turkish get-up is a complicated, challenging movement. But taking the time to learn this advanced exercise can lower your risk of injury and boost your performance on the bike—and just make you feel like a badass. That’s why every cyclist should consider adding a variation of this full-body exercise to … Read more