The Gym ‘Rules’ Teens Need to Learn Before They Get Their First Membership

Once again, Planet Fitness is offering free summer gym memberships to teens. Great news for the teens, not necessarily great for the other gym-goers. Teenagers have a reputation for hogging gym equipment and ignoring gym etiquette. But that’s not going to be the case for your teen, who will be a perfect gym citizen, so … Read more

Why Do so Many TikTok Influencers Want Us to Do Pilates?

photo: sfilippovs (Shutterstock) The latest bit of fitness misinformation is making the rounds on TikTok, but I’ve seen it cropping up other places, too. Young women are singing the praises of Pilates (sometimes alongside barre, yoga, and walking), saying it helped them lose weight and tone their muscles where lifting weights did not. Something about … Read more

Are Sit-Ups Actually Bad for Your Back?

Photo: Stephen McCluskey (Shutterstock) If you’ve ever trained for a military fitness test or been made to do the presidential fitness test in gym class, you know the sit-up. Somebody holds down your feet, and you sit up as many times as you can before the test is over. But then again, you may have … Read more

How to get fit on a budget

photo: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV (Shutterstock) Fitness is one of those areas where you can spend literally as much money as you have. There are gyms that cost $10 a month and there are gyms—sorry, boutique gyms—that will run you $50 or more per workout. There’s a similar wide open price range for clothes, apps, at-home equipment, … Read more

Should You Really Make Group Fitness Classes ‘Your Own?’

Photo: Kzenon (Shutterstock) In a perfect world, fitness should come down to nothing more than building a habit and challenging your body. Unfortunately, a group fitness class is rarely a perfect world. Whether you signed up for pilates, Crossfit, or any other group workout experience, it’s easy to let your ego get in the way. … Read more

Is a $10 Gym Membership Ever Really Worth It?

photo: Kzenon (Shutterstock) There are lots of ways to begin an exercise routine, and as we pointed out here, it’s not always worth sweating the details. But does it matter what type of gym you join? Gyms with squat racks and barbells give you a lot of options for getting strong, but it’s rare to … Read more

What It Actually Means to ‘Tone’ Your Muscles

Photo: BearFotos (Shutterstock) The word “toning” is something of a joke in many fitness circles, because it’s a word that’s thrown around when people mean other things. Sometimes it’s a code word for being thin, as when somebody may promise you that a workout will tone your muscles rather than making you bulky. Other times … Read more

Even a Little Exercise Appears to Prevent Depression in New Study

photo: Ollie Millington (Getty Images) Research this month points to a mental health benefit from exercising regularly. The review found that people who reported being physically active were noticeably less likely to later be diagnosed with depression. This association was most apparent in people who appeared to meet the recommended amount of exercise a week, … Read more

The Difference Between Pushing Yourself and Overtraining Syndrome

photo: lzf (Shutterstock) As a marathon runner, I know what it’s like to push your body to its limits. I know the desire to tack on one extra mile when you’re feeling strong, or to squeeze in one last long run before a big race. I also know what it’s like to narrowly avoid serious … Read more

This Stretching Routine Actually Made Me More Flexible

Photo: KeyStock (Shutterstock) Even though I started this stretching challenge with the idea of finding out whether I could become more flexible, I have to admit that I was kind of secretly hoping it would not work. After all, if it doesn’t work, that means I can quit guilt-free. But, goddamn it, it worked, and … Read more