Beach Vacationers Are Doing It Wrong

Ah, summer time! Right about now, you might be yearning or even packing for your dream vacation—one full of rest and relaxation. Long, languorous days of doing nothing, perhaps lying on the beach or holed up in a cabin somewhere far from the city. Imagine how happy you’ll be. Then imagine how bored you’ll be. … Read more

A new ethos is helping make fitness more attainable, and less toxic

Paul Landini is a personal trainer and health educator in Kitchener, Ont. I occupy a unique sphere in the personal training world. The majority of my clients are adults like myself, regular people who appreciate the value of exercise but feel at odds with fitness culture as a whole. Like me, they tried keeping an … Read more

What is vabbing at the gym? The trend explained

July 27, 2022, 12:56 p.m Yes, people have actually taken the vabbing trend to the gym… TikTok trends come and go but unfortunately it looks like vabbing is here to stay. sorry In case you have no clue what vabbing is – and if so, lucky you – it’s the latest TikTok trend that promises … Read more

Huge Study Finds Getting All Your Exercise on The Weekend Is Probably Fine

Thanks to scientists collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data, we know a lot about exercise and how it’s good for your health. We know stuff like the optimal time of day to exercise, how often you should exercise, and what kind of intensity you should aim for. Many of these are just recommendations, of … Read more

Americans Are Wasting Billions Every Year on Useless Supplements, Scientists Warn

For years scientists have been saying there’s not much evidence to recommend vitamin supplements for most people, with a growing body of research suggesting most of the pills are useless and don’t necessarily make us any healthier. Yet the message has not been getting through. Over half of US adults regularly take dietary supplements, fueling … Read more

The Death of the Sit-Up

When I think of a sit-up, my mind flashes immediately to the (carpeted, for some reason) floor of my elementary-school gym. Twice a week, our teachers marched us there for ritual humiliation and light calisthenics, and under the watchful gaze of a former football coach with a whistle perpetually dangling from his lips, we’d warm … Read more

People with weakened bones urged not to be ‘afraid of exercise’

P eople with weakened bones should not be afraid to exercise regularly, experts have said. There is no UK guidance on exercise and osteoporosis and some people have expressed “fear” over exercising. But experts have said that muscle strengthening and other physical activity can held maintain bone strength and reduce the risk of falls. A … Read more

Is the Peloton Guide – the company’s new strength-training device – a worthy gym replacement?

The sleek Peloton Guide costs $395 and focuses on strength-training instead of cardio.handouts When the world shut down in March, 2020, my family made popular pandemic investments to cheer us up including a puppy and Peloton Bike (no air fryer as of yet). On cold winter days, I’d wake up with grand plans to ride … Read more

Sales Are Booming, But Activity Is Plummeting. Why?

Worldwide sales of fitness trackers increased from US$14 billion in 2017 to over $36 billion in 2020. The skyrocketing success of these gadgets suggests that more people than ever see some value in keeping tabs on the number of steps they take, flights of stairs they climb , time they spend sitting, and calories they … Read more

Should You Exercise While You’re Sick? Well, It’s Not That Simple

Exercising regularly is good for your immune system – with some research suggesting that it may even lower the risk of getting upper respiratory infections, such as the common cold. Even as little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week is enough to bring about benefits.   Since exercising is good for … Read more