The time of day to eat breakfast if you want to lose weight

Breakfast should only be eaten after 11am, an expert has said. Waiting a few hours before eating anything after waking up is better for staying healthy and shedding excess pounds, according to nutrition expert Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London. That is because most people now eat dinner much later in … Read more

Don’t Trust The Headlines Making Huge Health Claims About a Single Food. Here’s Why

You’ve probably read the stories proclaiming that eating blueberries reduces your risk of dementia, or red wine is good for your heart, or coffee protects against type 2 diabetes – or, indeed, many of the other big health claims for a particular “superfood “. But what is the truth in these statements? While we – … Read more

Eating a Big Mac Every Day Is Honestly Fine

Donald Gorske atop his Big Mac thronephoto: Guinness World Records Some humans are destined for greatness. Some become scholars. Some broker world-saving peace treaties. Some eat a Big Mac for lunch every day for 50 years straight. I’m referring, of course, to Donald Gorske, the current Guinness World Record holder for most Big Mac burgers … Read more

Is Noom Good For Weight Loss, Lays Off Nutrition Coaches

photo: MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP (Getty Images) This probably isn’t what they meant when they said “trim the fat.” Weight loss app Noom will be laying off 495 wellness coaches in total over the coming days, according to a report by insider based on company documents. An unnamed wellness coach, who was not a part of the … Read more

‘Put these on your grocery list’

Food and mood are so intricately connected that they’ve inspired a new area of ​​brain study: Nutritional psychiatry, which examines how what we eat impacts how we feel. As a dietitian and nutritionist who has researched and experienced this connection firsthand, I find it infinitely fascinating that we can empower ourselves to feel partly — … Read more

Nutritional therapist explains how to fix weight and sleep issues

It’s a phrase we often use to excuse mood swings that leave us seeing thing with rage one minute and sobbing the next — but there could be more to it than just “feeling hormonal.” According to nutritional therapist Gail Madalena, hormones are vital chemical messengers that signal information between our cells and organs. “They’re … Read more

A Harvard nutritionist shares the no. 1 food she eats every day to keep her brain ‘sharp and focused’

Eating the right “brain-boosting foods” can significantly decrease your risk of developing neurological problems, improve your mental health, and help you stay sharp and focused. As a nutritional psychiatrist, a big part of my job is advising patients — especially those who want to improve their brain health or are trying to recover from trauma … Read more

How to Prescribe Food as Medicine

Cate Collings, MD More Americans are beginning to recognize that the food they eat can have a profound effect on their health, longevity, and well-being. While hardly new, the food-as-medicine concept — in which clinicians prescribe diet changes as part of formal treatment plans — has risen in the public consciousness as COVID-19 exposed risks … Read more

Fatigue Might Not Mean You’re Tired – 5 Major Causes and Solutions

The busy modern person has a lot to do and worry about every day. Many of us work long hours and get little sleep. The occurrence of three meals a day at set times is increasingly rare. Various life pressures exhaust the body and mind, and issues like insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, fear, and depression … Read more