A fitness trainer shares the 5 exercises she does every day to ‘look and feel younger’

We can’t turn back the clock as we age, but we can tailor our workouts to improve our quality of life and ability to do everyday activities. The secret? Strength training. Strength training keeps our muscles and joints healthy and limber, which becomes increasingly important as we get older because we lose muscle mass and … Read more

A psychotherapist shares the 3 exercises she uses every day ‘to be more confident’

Confidence is the belief that you can take life’s challenges head on — and succeed. It requires having trust in yourself and your abilities, especially based on your past experience. But confidence can be hard to develop if you struggle with anxiety, like I sometimes do. I started my psychotherapy practice to help clients with … Read more

Planet Fitness is offering free passes to teens in order to address mental health concerns

Most people would agree that the past two years have been hard. They’ve been particularly difficult for teens: many started high school virtually, or graduated via zoom and went straight into zoom college classes. The mental health crisis among teens continues to be an issue that adults are desperately trying to address. Pew Research Center … Read more

A psychotherapist shares the 3 exercises she uses every day to ‘stop obsessing about the future’

Stress is a natural response to uncertainty, and it’s normal to find yourself worrying about future events every now and then. But excessive thoughts about the future can be a sign of anticipatory anxiety — a fear of unpredictable future events, which is sometimes a symptom of anxiety disorders. This is something I often see … Read more

Farm fitness coach wins WA AgriFutures rural women’s award with clients as far as Solomon Islands

Farm fitness coach Louise O’Neill has won the 2022 AgriFutures rural women’s award for Western Australia. Key points: Ms O’Neill supports isolated farmers’ mental and physical health with daily classes She says farmers are refocusing on health after going “full throttle” and burning out The mother-of-two will represent WA as a finalist in the national … Read more

The 7 best strength training equipment pieces, per experts

New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Be like Fergie, and work on your fitness. But to reap the best benefits, you must have some top-notch exercise equipment that matches your fitness needs, budget and capabilites. For some, that may look like a can’t-beat indoor … Read more

Even a Little Exercise Appears to Prevent Depression in New Study

photo: Ollie Millington (Getty Images) Research this month points to a mental health benefit from exercising regularly. The review found that people who reported being physically active were noticeably less likely to later be diagnosed with depression. This association was most apparent in people who appeared to meet the recommended amount of exercise a week, … Read more

‘Put these on your grocery list’

Food and mood are so intricately connected that they’ve inspired a new area of ​​brain study: Nutritional psychiatry, which examines how what we eat impacts how we feel. As a dietitian and nutritionist who has researched and experienced this connection firsthand, I find it infinitely fascinating that we can empower ourselves to feel partly — … Read more

As eating disorders spike during pandemic, rural treatment options lag

Erin Reynolds had battled bulimia since childhood, but the weeks before she entered treatment were among her worst. At 22, she was preparing to leave her home in Helena, Montana, for an inpatient program in New Jersey with round-the-clock medical care. Looking back six years later, Reynolds said seeking help was one of the most … Read more