How to Start Meal Prepping Without It Taking Over Your Life

photo: Elena Veselova (Shutterstock) When you get serious about your fitness goals (be they strength- or weightrelated), often one first step is to get your nutrition in order. You want to get enough protein to support your muscles, fruits and vegetables for health, carbs for fueland a total amount of calories that supports your activity … Read more

How (and Why) to Do Copenhagen Planks

photo: Bucchi Francesco (Shutterstock) We last saw Copenhagen planks in our rundown of the best bodyweight exercises that actually build strength. But it’s an under-appreciated exercise, and deserves a spotlight of its own. the Copenhagen plank looks a bit like a side plank: You’re leaning on your hand or elbow, other arm away from the … Read more

How Many Steps You Really Need to Take Each Day, According to Science?

photo: Lyupco Smokovski (Shutterstock) The more you walk, the lower your risk of all-cause and cancer mortality, according to a new study, with the benefits leveling out once you reach 10,000 steps per day. So clearly, that is the number of steps to aim for—or is it? Studies that compare health outcomes to step counts … Read more

Why You Feel Cranky on Your Rest Days (and What to Do About It)

photo: Cast Of Thousands (Shutterstock) Rest days are a commonly used tool to manage your workload in an exercise routine. While they’re technically necessary, they can be a good idea, giving your body extra time to recover between workouts. Even when I’m doing an intense workout program, I make sure to give myself, at minimum, … Read more

What to Do When You Can’t Even Run Slowly

photo: ViDI Studio (Shutterstock) Slow, easy running is the bedrock of any running program, whether you’re aiming to beat a race time or just trying to get your heart a bit healthier. we’ve detailed the benefits herealong with tips for sticking to your chosen pace. But what if you just can’t run that slow? We’ll … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Squat Rack

photo: martvisionlk (Shutterstock) Do squats. That’s a standard piece of advice for getting strong, and if you’re interested in working with barbells, the story generally begins with “do barbell squats.” but how do you actually set up for squats? Today we’ll go through the steps in a way you’ll understand even if you’re a complete … Read more

How to Improve Your Balance

photo: Jacob Lund (Shutterstock) One of the simplest balances Testing is to see how long you can stand on one leg. Older adults who can’t make it past the 10-second mark are more likely to die in the next 10 years, according to research reported in the New York Times. But are you doomed if … Read more

Stop Worrying About Whether Fitness Influencers Are On Steroids

photo: Nikolas_jkd (Shutterstock) The best and the worst thing about social media is that it lets us compare ourselves to others. When it comes to athletes and fitness influencers, those comparisons can inspire us. but what happens when somebody tells you you’re a fool for idolizing (fill in any name here), because they’re obviously on … Read more

How to Do Kettlebell Exercises Without Hurting Your Wrists

photo: oleksboiko (Shutterstock) Bruising your forearm or wrist is a common problem when you start working with kettlebells, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People who are able to do snatch after snatch without pausing are not simply used to the pain; they have simply learned how to do the move without whacking … Read more

Do These Workouts Next Time You’re Stuck in a Hotel Gym

photo: rotsukhon lam (Shutterstock) Now that you know How to scope out a hotel gym, the next step is knowing what to do when you get there. Hotel gyms tend to be pretty bare bones, so you’ll have to make the most of limited equipment and, often, lighter weights than you may like. But that … Read more