Which is more important for good health?

All you fitness enthusiasts who ensure to walk your daily quota of 10,000 steps, there is some news for you. A new study notes it is not just the number of steps, but also the pace at which you walk that helps enhance the results. Published in the journals JAMA Internal Medicine and JAMA Neurologythe … Read more

Anshula Kapoor does ‘a short session’ in the gym despite ‘zero motivation’; check it out

On days you are feeling tired and low on energy, a workout may be the last thing on your mind. But, a workout may be what helps you feel rejuvenated while also staying on track with your fitness goals. As such, if you have been having bad gym days, here’s some motivation coming your way … Read more

Genelia Deshmukh ‘feels good’ about walking 20,000 steps; how many steps should one take for better health?

It is widely believed that taking 10,000 steps in a day is an ideal way to stay active and also lose weight. But actor Genelia Deshmukh upped her fitness game by completing 20,000 steps in a day recently. “And its 20K steps. It doesn’t happen every day but when it does, it feels good,” she … Read more

Anshula Kapoor opens up about diet, fitness, favourite meal, and her height

After setting major weight loss transformation goals, which she calls a ‘work in progress’, Anshula Kapoor recently took to social media and, for the first time, shared details about her diet, workouts, favourite foods, desserts and more in a fun Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Instagram. Previously, she had shared transformation pictures on the photo and … Read more

Strength training for 30 minutes a week can help one live longer: Study

A new study suggests regular strength training routine can help add years to your life. Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it states that people who did 30 to 60 minutes of resistance, or strength, or weight training had a 10 to 20 per cent lower risk of early death from all causes. … Read more

Guide to eat right: Common myths about combining food that you should know

Food combining refers to a nutritional approach that either advocates combinations of foods or discourages some combinations for health benefits. Despite a lack of evidence for these claims, food combinations are touted to promote good health, digestion, ‘detox’, and weight loss. It proposes a list of rules such as avoiding starch and protein together, always … Read more

Superfoods for women’s health

A woman’s schedule is always full — she has to work, manage households, maintain relationships, and also take care of her health. Women go through unique biological changes at various stages of their lives such as pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Nutrition, therefore, is essential to maintain health and well-being during these stages. 🗞️Subscribe Now: Get … Read more

‘The root cause of weight gain is your lifestyle’: Fitness entrepreneur Pranit Shilimkar

It is widely believed that following a 21-day disciplined routine can help one form a habit, especially when it comes to diet and fitness. But Pranit Shilimkar, health and fitness entrepreneur, and founder of Fitnesstalks, believes a 37-day routine, focusing on lifestyle disorders and dietary issues, can work wonders and help solve many fitness issues. … Read more