Americans Are Wasting Billions Every Year on Useless Supplements, Scientists Warn

For years scientists have been saying there’s not much evidence to recommend vitamin supplements for most people, with a growing body of research suggesting most of the pills are useless and don’t necessarily make us any healthier. Yet the message has not been getting through. Over half of US adults regularly take dietary supplements, fueling … Read more

A fitness trainer shares the 5 exercises she does every day to ‘look and feel younger’

We can’t turn back the clock as we age, but we can tailor our workouts to improve our quality of life and ability to do everyday activities. The secret? Strength training. Strength training keeps our muscles and joints healthy and limber, which becomes increasingly important as we get older because we lose muscle mass and … Read more

Un-brie-lievable! Vegan cheese has ‘little nutritional value’, expert says

Many vegan cheeses have ‘little nutritional value’ by containing lots more saturated fat while missing out the health benefits in the real thing, an expert has warned. Ditching dairy is cited as one of the most difficult parts of sticking to a plant-based diet, with vegans having to source alternative cheese, milk and even chocolate. … Read more

I’m 65 and know I need to exercise more — but I hate it. Here’s what I’m trying to turn it around.

I blame it all on Robert Preston — my dislike of exercise and fitness, that is. Now that I’m 65 and unretired and someone with Type 2 diabetes, I’m trying to change my attitude and habits about exercising (with mixed success). If you’re in your 60s or so, I’m here to tell you how and … Read more

A psychotherapist shares the 3 exercises she uses every day ‘to be more confident’

Confidence is the belief that you can take life’s challenges head on — and succeed. It requires having trust in yourself and your abilities, especially based on your past experience. But confidence can be hard to develop if you struggle with anxiety, like I sometimes do. I started my psychotherapy practice to help clients with … Read more

The ability to balance is linked to a longer life, study finds

The simple balance test may be useful to include in routine physical exams for people in middle and old age, the research which was published Tuesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, suggested. While aging leads to a decline in physical fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, balance tends to be reasonably well-preserved until a … Read more

Exercise pill: Scientists identify molecule that could help drugs replace workouts

If you could take a pill to get the benefits of exercise, would that be the end of your fitness regime? It’s a question we may be a step closer to grappling with, after researchers said they identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during exercise. The scientists from Baylor College of Medicine … Read more