Omaha gym builds community among people with multiple sclerosis | Local News

At first glance, MS Forward looks like a typical gym. Exercise equipment lines the walls. Artificial turf and rubber mats cover the floor. In one room, owner Daryl Kucera coaches Mike Valentino through a series of upper-body exercises. Valentino punches forward, one arm at a time, with the 5-pound dumbbells in his hands, and then … Read more

I’m 65 and know I need to exercise more — but I hate it. Here’s what I’m trying to turn it around.

I blame it all on Robert Preston — my dislike of exercise and fitness, that is. Now that I’m 65 and unretired and someone with Type 2 diabetes, I’m trying to change my attitude and habits about exercising (with mixed success). If you’re in your 60s or so, I’m here to tell you how and … Read more

‘I’m an athlete’: Omaha woman with MS stays positive on fitness journey ahead of Lincoln race | livewell

On a recent Friday morning, Kim Freeman helps Kim Kozelichki start her day at a kitchen table. Freeman slips Kozelichki’s arm into a teal windbreaker. Kozelichki stands. She tugs on the zipper, struggling. “Can you get it, Kim?” Freeman asks. “Of course not,” Kozelichki says, matter-of-factly. Kim Kozelichki’s frame is slight. Her hair highlighted blond. … Read more

US Rep. Gaetz’s diagnosis of what’s driving insulin costs misses the root cause

At the end of March, after the House passed a bill that would cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month for insured consumers, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) tweeted about why he voted against the legislation. “Insulin price increases have more to do with increased consumer demand than the bad behavior of Big Pharma, … Read more

Rules finalized for better information sharing among health care organizations

New rules for attachments, benefits verification, and infrastructure aim to improve communication CAQH CORE, an organization representing a spectrum of health plans, providers, vendors, and government entities, released new operating rules to improve day-to-day health care operations and how plans and providers exchange information related to benefits coverage and supplemental documentation. More than 88 percent … Read more

Texas hospitals prepare to pick up the tab for uninsured COVID-19 patients

Sign up for The Brief, our daily newsletter that keeps readers up to speed on the most essential Texas news. More than $3 billion in federal money has flowed to Texas health care providers in recent months to help pay for COVID-19 treatments, tests and vaccines for patients without health insurance, according to national health … Read more

The digitization of drug research and development – ​​POLITICO

The impact of innovative technologies in health care has been significant in recent years. Throughout Europe, digital health solutions are becoming accessible and increasingly popular among patients, providers and researchers. Wearables and sensors integrated in mobile phones or other portable devices are allowing the population to monitor their health or be monitored by their physicians … Read more

As eating disorders spike during pandemic, rural treatment options lag

Erin Reynolds had battled bulimia since childhood, but the weeks before she entered treatment were among her worst. At 22, she was preparing to leave her home in Helena, Montana, for an inpatient program in New Jersey with round-the-clock medical care. Looking back six years later, Reynolds said seeking help was one of the most … Read more

Why does innovation in Europe matter to patients? – POLITICAL

Recent crises have highlighted the critical need for Europe to secure and strengthen its position as leader in medical innovation. As the European Commission works on the next Pharmaceutical Strategy, we need to ensure Europe has the right environment to bring the next generation of treatments to patients. The challenge for the coming decades is … Read more

Study pinpoints the reasons behind racial and ethnic gaps in Medicare’s quality program

For the past 10 years, the Medicare system has tried to improve the quality of health care that millions of older Americans receive, while slowing the growth in costs to the federal budget, by encouraging health care providers to join Accountable Care Organizations. Today, ACOs coordinate the care of 11 million people, most of them … Read more