Here’s why you should include Basil Seeds or Sabja Seeds in your summer diet

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2022 beauty, finance, fitness and more trends

Let’s get sassy! Welcome to Gemini Season, the time of year where we transition from the bloom of Spring into the heat of Summer. The fiery Sun will spin within the skies of Gemini from May 20 until June 21. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and embodies communication. This Air sign encourages us to … Read more

The rise and rise of the senior fitizen

But as the body gets creakier and more dawdling, what exactly is deemed as safe practice? Should we really be aspiring to run marathons or pump up the pecs in our senior years? Gray insists that we should. “It’s good to challenge yourself at any age. Post-pandemic, many older people lost their confidence around mixing … Read more

Why ‘exercise snacking’ could extend your life by two years

Part of the reason, Price believes, is that the messaging around exercise has become too complicated. “I do feel that the notion of ‘moderate exercise’ is slightly misunderstood, making it seem somewhat unattainable to some demographics,” he says. His aim is to simplify the messaging and empower us all to start moving more. When I … Read more

Your ‘true’ biological age – and how to reverse it

1. Switch to a plant-based diet 75 per cent of the time Protein has an ageing effect due to the impact IGF-1, a chemical involved in growth, has on the body. In a study of 3,000 Americans, at the University of Sydney, Levine and Dr Valter Longo, found that a high protein diet, with 20 … Read more

The 7 best strength training equipment pieces, per experts

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‘Running and lifting weights helped me lose three stones – and find my self-worth again’

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10 best ab machines and equipment for home gyms, per experts

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Why high-intensity exercise can help ease midlife pain

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5 ways to stay motivated to work out

Londoner Afsaneh Parvizi-Wayne, 56, founder of natural period-care brand Freda, was a keen parkrunner who relished “getting fit in a very social way” with her friends, but hasn’t attended since before the pandemic. “I lost that part of my life during lockdowns and now I get up later on a Saturday and walk my dogs … Read more