Keeping active even with osteoporosis

Dear Mayo Clinic: My 70-year-old mother is an active person. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking and boating, and regularly playing tennis with a group of other women. Recently, she was diagnosed with osteoporosis and is worried about maintaining her active lifestyle for fear of injury. Can you continue to exercise? If so, which types of … Read more

International Day of Yoga 2022: Can yoga be a good substitute for cardio exercises?

Yoga is known to impart several mental, physical and spiritual benefits. It calms the mind, alleviates stress and keeps your overall well-being in check. But, can it also give you benefits like a blood-pumping and heart-shaking cardio workout does? On this International Day of Yoga, health and fitness experts elucidate how the age-old practice of … Read more

It’s Cancer season! Beauty, finance and fitness 2022 trends

Let’s get sensitive! Welcome to Cancer Season, the time of year where we fully embrace the beginning of summer. Hot on the heels of the Summer Solstice, we turn within to understand our inner needs, emotional strength and reflect on what means the most to us as we stand within the longest days of the … Read more

Why Do so Many TikTok Influencers Want Us to Do Pilates?

photo: sfilippovs (Shutterstock) The latest bit of fitness misinformation is making the rounds on TikTok, but I’ve seen it cropping up other places, too. Young women are singing the praises of Pilates (sometimes alongside barre, yoga, and walking), saying it helped them lose weight and tone their muscles where lifting weights did not. Something about … Read more

Long Covid: Regular exercise key to regaining fitness, experts say

KUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — While most people recover from Covid-19 relatively unscathed, some, however, experience prolonged effects of the infection including symptoms associated with long Covid or post-Covid-19 syndrome. And, according to an infectious diseases expert, many long Covid sufferers have reported significant deterioration of their fitness levels. Consultant infectious diseases specialist and professor … Read more

Short, intense workouts may be a better exercise option for teens, study finds

Though it is widely known that exercise provides physical and mental health benefits, it’s not always easy for young people to fit it into their days. Only in 1 in 5 teenagers get the 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each day recommended by the World Health Organization. But a new study published in Pediatrics … Read more

‘Bollywood actors today are disciplined; they’ve realized it’s not only about weight loss, but being fit’: Yasmin Karachiwala

While having an awareness and finding ways to stay physically active and lead a robust lifestyle is necessary, often a person may find themselves feeling confused amid a sea of ​​information from various sources. buy now | Our best subscription plan now has a special price Which is why, it is important to trust credible … Read more

Furious Goodlife Health Club members hope petition will help overturn decision to scrap creche services

Furious gym-goers are getting behind a petition to save creche services at one of Australia’s biggest fitness chains. Goodlife Health Clubs announced last week that it would no longer be able to mind clients’ children while they hit the gym from July 3. A post on the Goodlife Health Clubs social media page stated the … Read more

How to build big chest muscles like Chris Hemsworth and Chis Evans (responsibly)

Daniel Craig ©Sony Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection Be the best version of yourself Can us regular guys really look like James Bond or Captain America? Yes, says Waterson – if you have his advice and his famous clients’ dedication and genetic capacity. But we’re all different. So instead of trying to emulate someone different, he says, … Read more