How dancing can help slow — and potentially reverse — the ageing process

For most of us, dancing is a fun way to unwind, or something we do after a few too many drinks on a Saturday night. But what if dancing can actually help to slow — or in some cases even reverse — the ageing process? The ABC’s Catalyst program wanted to find out. In his youth, Roderick spent his weekends dancing … Read more

#HotGirlWalk inspires New York fitness craze

About six months after Rachael Cell moved to New York from Chicago last fall, she noticed all of her clothes felt roomier. She wasn’t doing the weight-lifting workouts she previously did back home. She was just walking. Everywhere. “Chicago is not really a walking city. [Here] I walk as much as I possibly can,” Cell, … Read more

5 ways to walk to slow down aging and stay young

Walking is the most basic, but important way to stay fit. But most of us don’t give much thought to how we walk or whether we should improve the way we walk. However, walking correctly helps to prevent back, hip, neck, and leg pain and risk of injury while also promoting good posture, strong bones, … Read more

I had a scary eating disorder, but now I help others respect bodies

What does it mean to be healthy? For Kelsey Heenan, it’s not just a toned body and a perfect diet. The 33-year-old fitness influencer puts mental health above the physical after suffering from an eating disorder, which she often discusses candidly to her 411,000 followers on Instagram. “It basically got to the point where I … Read more

Gym for ‘people who’ve tried everything’ opens in Auburn

Summarizing Achilles Heel Training is harder for its owners than most feats of strength. The gym, which is opening its third location on Seminary Street in Auburn, isn’t a CrossFit cult or an iron paradise. It doesn’t promise you’ll burn or build a far-fetched number of pounds. What Achilles Heel Training is, CEO and President … Read more

Unhealthy routines, revenge travel: Why gyms have yet to bounce back from pandemic lows

SINGAPORE: It has been more than a year since fitness enthusiasts were able to resume high-intensity indoor exercises with their masks off, but gyms in Singapore say that business has yet to bounce back to pre-COVID levels. Rising costs, manpower shortages, new daily routines that Eschew gym-going and renewed distractions in the form of travel … Read more

Raju Srivastava death: Is over-exertion at the gym damaging your heart? Why a TMT test is not enough?

Comedian Raju Srivastava’s death, after suffering a cardiac arrest and collapsing on a treadmill last month, raises a key question: Should we have a limit on our exercise regimen, and are we taking out fitness mantra to extremes and over-exerting ourselves? Is our obsession with getting lean stressing the heart out? Cardiologists say that 150 … Read more

8 Strength-Building Exercises That Don’t Require Lifting Weights

You probably know how important daily exercise is for your physical and mental well-being, and you may even have a routine you try to stick to during the week. But are you incorporating strength training into your workouts, or strictly cardio? If you fall into the latter category, it’s time to start strength training, because … Read more

The 25 top-rated fitness products on Amazon: Best gear, more

New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Let’s be real — the New Year’s resolutions will be here before we know it, and it’s always a good time to set health and fitness goals. Though you may not necessarily need a tangible product to help … Read more