Men’s Health Week: Nutrition tips that every man should follow to stay healthy | Health

When it comes to health, men despite being more muscular, taller and stronger (physically) than women, are more at risk of certain diseases as compared to women especially chronic diseases. As men are more likely to die from heart disease, cancer and respiratory disease than women, on an average, they die five years earlier than … Read more

How Businesses Are Solving America’s Healthcare Problems

A staff member prepares a drone for the delivery of medical supplies at the drone delivery service … [+] base run by operator Zipline in Omenako, 70 kilometers (40 miles) north of Accra on April 23, 2019. – Ghana launched a fleet of drones on April 24, 2019 to carry medical supplies to remote areas, … Read more

‘Promising Signals’ With Cocoa Flavanols to Reduce CV Events?

Results of a large, randomized trial of a cocoa flavanol supplement showed a trend toward a reduction in total cardiovascular events, although the reduction did not reach statistical significance in comparison with placebo. However, some secondary endpoints, including cardiovascular disease (CVD) death, did show significant results the researchers called “promising” and that warrant further investigation, … Read more

Insurance company abuses are putting more patients’ care out of reach

Health insurance companies have long forced patients to jump through frustrating administrative hoops to get the care they need—but lately, their typical convoluted tactics have devolved into abusive practices that threaten the health and wellbeing of patients. When there was another disheartening surge in Covid-19 cases, President Joe Biden directed commercial insurers to reimburse consumers … Read more

What Are the 10 Most Overlooked Medical Conditions?

Research shows these “big three” categories account for about 75 percent of all serious harms from diagnostic errors. Patients can help prevent a misdiagnosis Can diagnostic errors be prevented? That’s a goal that many experts are working towards, and believe it or not, you, as a patient can help. 1. Prepare for appointments. Before your … Read more

Exercise For Bowel Cancer And Slowing Growth Of Tumors

According to a team of researchers, they have identified how exercise can help in lowering your risk of getting bowel cancer and slows the growth of tumors. The research was published in the journal, ‘International Journal of Cancer’.Also Read – Does Cancer Risk Increases as we Age? Expert Answers It has been shown that physical … Read more

At-home alcohol treatment covered by insurance for BlueShield of CA and Western Health Advantage members

Phoenix, Arizona-based Magellan Health, a managed healthcare system, announced last week that it will offer Blue Shield of California and Western Health Advantage members in-home access to Ria Health’s alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment services. Magellan Health works with health plans and other managed care organizations, as well as employers, labor unions, and with various … Read more

‘I first took up running to escape from an awful boss, but it’s become a kind of therapy’

In time, brisk walking became slow jogging, and within months Angela, from Northampton – who previously “couldn’t even run if I was being chased” – was hooked on running.  By last September she was the second woman to cross the finish line in her first half-marathon, nailing 13.1 miles in just one hour 38 minutes. … Read more

3 must-haves when considering a chatbot for healthcare

One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry is patient accessibility to healthcare due to various limitations, such as limited availability of physician office hours and limited education about care sites (as outlined by this article). The accessibility challenge is further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as care resources have become even more scarce. … Read more

Niva Bupa Launches Affordable Cancer Insurance Plan at Rs 1,499; Details Here

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited, formerly known as Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited, has announced a customized group plan for comprehensive coverage of Cancer treatment at an affordable annual premium. leading health has launched this plan at a cost of Rs 1,499 plus taxes. This product has been developed by Niva Bupa in … Read more