Here’s how to start working out again after a break

Here’s a little secret of mine about being a personal trainer: Despite fitness being at the centre of my world, I’m a fairly unimpressive physical specimen. I’m not particularly strong, not exceptionally fast, not genetically gifted in any way. In fact, I’m not even that hard of a worker in the gym. One thing I … Read more

There May Be an Optimal Time of Day For Exercise, But It’s Not The Same For Everybody

Exercise is good for you no matter the time of day, but a new randomized control trial has found breaking a sweat in the morning and the evening might target different parts of the body and mind.   Over the course of 12 weeks, 27 healthy and active women and 20 healthy and active men … Read more

Your ‘Healthy’ Diet Could Lack Nutrients. Here’s How to Fix That, According to Science

Vegan and vegetarian diets are certainly trendy, with more people than ever before making the switch. While some people are choosing to go plant-based for environmental reasons, others are adopting these diets because of their health benefits. It’s hardly surprising, given studies have linked vegetarian and vegan diets to a lower body mass index (BMI) … Read more

Feel Sick After Exercise? A Scientist Explains Why, And How To Prevent It

Many of us exercise to feel better. While some of us get “runners’ highs” after a workout, unfortunately some of us leave the gym feeling nauseous. Though this is usually only temporary, it can still be uncomfortable. Fortunately there are a few good explanations for why this may be happening – so if this happens … Read more

Changing up your fitness routine can help revive that faded passion

Chris Lavoie works out with weights while his partner Elise Sanderson does squats during a fitness class at the 416 Fitness Club on Feb. 2.Fred Lum/the Globe and Mail It’s been said familiarity breeds contempt. I’m not sure this is entirely true, but in the gym, where repetition is the rule of law, this adage … Read more

How to break through a weight loss plateau

When you lose weight, your body burns fewer calories at rest and during physical activity than it did before.Getty Images/iStockphoto Q: Since January, I’ve lost 15 “pandemic” pounds. I have more to lose but my weight loss seems to be stuck now. What gives? Weight-loss plateaus are a normal, but frustrating, part of losing weight. … Read more

The rise and rise of the senior fitizen

But as the body gets creakier and more dawdling, what exactly is deemed as safe practice? Should we really be aspiring to run marathons or pump up the pecs in our senior years? Gray insists that we should. “It’s good to challenge yourself at any age. Post-pandemic, many older people lost their confidence around mixing … Read more

Why ‘exercise snacking’ could extend your life by two years

Part of the reason, Price believes, is that the messaging around exercise has become too complicated. “I do feel that the notion of ‘moderate exercise’ is slightly misunderstood, making it seem somewhat unattainable to some demographics,” he says. His aim is to simplify the messaging and empower us all to start moving more. When I … Read more

Your ‘true’ biological age – and how to reverse it

1. Switch to a plant-based diet 75 per cent of the time Protein has an ageing effect due to the impact IGF-1, a chemical involved in growth, has on the body. In a study of 3,000 Americans, at the University of Sydney, Levine and Dr Valter Longo, found that a high protein diet, with 20 … Read more

Should You Exercise While You’re Sick? Well, It’s Not That Simple

Exercising regularly is good for your immune system – with some research suggesting that it may even lower the risk of getting upper respiratory infections, such as the common cold. Even as little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week is enough to bring about benefits.   Since exercising is good for … Read more