This One Type of Workout Is a Huge Stress Reducer, New Study Says — Eat This Not That

Many lifestyle changes have occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic, and in some instances, have improved everyday routines. Employees have had flexibility in a hybrid work situation, and others are able to work from the comfort of their own homes permanently. Another modification many individuals have adapted to—either temporarily or permanently—is performing workout training virtually. Aside … Read more

How to Start Exercising if You’re Out of Shape

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Men have pelvic floors too – and can benefit when they exercise them regularly

“Kegels” and pelvic floor exercises are usually associated with “women’s business” – think pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. But men have pelvic floors too. Just like women, at various times in their lives men can benefit from training their pelvic floors to address a variety of health concerns. About 30% of men visiting the doctor have … Read more

Parkinson’s Exercise Program for Trunk Rigidity Seen to Help With Turning

A four-week, task-specific exercise program done at home can improve turning ability and balance, and ease disease severity for people with early- to mid-stage Parkinson’s, a small study suggested. This Parkinson’s exercise program focuses explicitly on rotating those parts of the body most involved in turning. It may be a promising alternative rehabilitation program for … Read more

Heimat’s new Los Angeles gym has it all

A first look during its soft-open launch saw me softly bombarded with art from Abel Macias and Mr Brainwash, carefully curated playlists that featured Kate Bush remixes, and marble-lined locker rooms with Dyson dryers and glorious vanity lighting. I was sceptical about why exactly LA needed another gym, especially when the city’s abundant hiking trails, … Read more