Tricep Exercises: Anatomy, Benefits, Training

If you asked 100 gym rats whether they’d love to have that horseshoe triceps appearance, 99 would say yes. The one person who said no to that is obviously lying and haven’t been including any tricep exercises in their routine. The triceps make up over 2/3 of the upper arm and it takes time and … Read more

What Is Inulin and How Does It Benefit the Gut?

Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics have all been identified as key players in our gut health, but important soluble fibers like inulin can also work wonders on our gut microbiome. “Inulin is a type of fiber most found in plants like Jerusalem artichokes and chicory root, and it can act as a prebiotic since it [can … Read more

I’m a personal trainer – how to tone up your arms without breaking a sweat and you can even work on them in the car

IT’S now not about the latest handbag, shoes or viral dress. The ultimate status symbol this summer is sculpted arms — and they look great in a tank top, too. 9 You can get sculpted arms like Serena Williams without breaking a sweatCredit: Splash 9 Queen Letizia of Spain is known for her toned bicepsCredit: … Read more

How to lose fat and gain muscle

If learning how to lose fat and gain muscle were easy, everyone would do it. Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward concept, with the methods used to achieve either objective often working at odds with one another. In the simplest of terms; muscle gain usually requires a calorie surplus where you’re consuming more calories than you’re … Read more

Despite Two Heart Surgeries, 75-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Grinds Himself Everyday With a Strict Work Out Routine- Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The importance of staying fit as one gets old is critical for a person’s well-being. Eating healthy and working out the right way all amount to one’s fitness levels. When we talk about fitness and health, one name that immediately springs to our mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger. For years, he had rigorous training routines to … Read more

Do These Workouts Next Time You’re Stuck in a Hotel Gym

photo: rotsukhon lam (Shutterstock) Now that you know How to scope out a hotel gym, the next step is knowing what to do when you get there. Hotel gyms tend to be pretty bare bones, so you’ll have to make the most of limited equipment and, often, lighter weights than you may like. But that … Read more