Aerobic Intensity Changes How Exercise Affects Our Minds

Source: Alexander_P/Shutterstock A new study from Dartmouth College sheds light on how easy to moderate aerobic exercise affects the human mind differently than high-intensity workouts over a full calendar year. This first-of-its-kind research suggests that consistently doing cardio (eg, walking, jogging, swimming) at an easy or hard pace affects how the mind works in different … Read more

11 Single-Leg Exercises to Build Strength and Balance—And Work Your Abs Too

From running to walking to climbing stairs, a whole lot of life happens on one leg. That’s why it’s helpful to include single-leg exercises in your workout routine, especially if your goal is well-balanced, functional strength. Single-leg exercises are crucial for achieving that, Ava Fagin, CSCS, sports performance coach at Cleveland State University, tells SELF. … Read more

Jaya Persad finds independence in fitness line

Features Carol Quash 18 Hrs Ago Jaya Persad models fitness wear under her brand Pumpeii Fitness. – Eights years ago, if anyone had told Jaya Persad she would be riding the waves of independence with her own clothing brand, she may not have believed it. Married at 25, Persad had great expectations of the perfect … Read more

5 Tips To Pull Under the Bar Faster in Olympic Lifting

The sport of Olympic lifting is all about taking flight. Unlike its competitive cousins powerlifting and strongman, weightlifting demands that you move dynamically with a loaded barbell at very high velocities from start to finish.  At the core of that sport-specific demand is your ability — or, rather, the necessity — to pull yourself under … Read more

Big drop in number of people who ‘never’ exercise but too many still seldom move

Malta has registered the largest drop in Europe in the number of people who “never” exercise, fresh EU data shows. Despite this, the island continues to have the highest rate of individuals who “seldom” do any sports or physical activity. The European Commission’s latest Eurobarometer survey on physical activity and sports, conducted across the bloc … Read more

How to beat fatigue? Follow these 5 steps | Health News

New Delhi: Anyone can experience fatigue at any moment, although it usually manifests itself after strenuous physical activity, a demanding workday, or both. Exercise frequently results in fatigue, which can be reduced by getting enough rest, taking a good nap, or getting a full night’s sleep. Contrariwise, fatigue is a persistent, uncharacteristic state of tiredness … Read more

What is it, why you need one + the best to buy in 2022

SkiErg machines are one of the lesser-known cardio machines than, say, treadmills or rowing machines, but that’s not to say they’re any less reputable. The reason you may not have heard of a SkiErg is probably because the first one only launched in 2009. For context, the first treadmill was invented in 1952, giving it … Read more