You only need 30 minutes and a set of dumbbells to build muscle all over

It doesn’t matter if you are a gym warrior and like to train every day or if you’re newer to fitness and looking to ease yourself into a training program, everybody loves having a convenient workout at hand. By convenient, we’re talking one that allows you to target various muscles in one session and doesn’t take long to complete.

You’ll just need some dumbbells to work with for this 30-minute full-body session. If you’re a regular gym goer it’s likely your gym will have a whole range of dumbbells to work with in its free weights section. Or if you train at home you should consider investing in some of the best adjustable dumbbells, these save on space and you can adjust the load during your workout.

This dumbbell workout comes from Krissy Cela (opens in new tab)personal trainer and the co-founder of the popular women’s workout app EvolveYou (opens in new tab). Not only does it require minimal equipment but it’s equally ideal for those hectic days that all too easily fill up with various commitments and push exercise to the bottom of the heap.

Training with just these five exercises will engage and challenge muscles in both your upper and lower body and help to improve strength and muscle mass. Cela recommends performing each exercise for 15 reps and repeating the entire workout three times over.

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