Fitness instructor recognized for enthusiasm class for ages 65 and up

Lorrie Ward said it never entered her mind to become a fitness instructor. Now a year after she started teaching, Ward has a loyal following at the Madison Improvement Club in Phoenix.

The 62-year-old fitness instructor is committed to creating a space for people 65 years and older to confidently work out. Ward was a finalist in the 2022 Instructor of the Year Award from SilverSneakers, a national fitness company that caters to seniors staying active.

Ward speaks in a lively, enthusiastic way and expresses genuine care for her students. She says fitness has always been her passion, even before she became an instructor.

Ward said she played basketball in high school and received a basketball scholarship for college, and she also used to play softball. But beyond that, she said she also taught her children how to play several different sports and was always working out in some capacity.

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