Is this £13,974 exercise bike the classiest ever? Or just the weirdest looking?

We’re undecided on whether the Ciclotte Black Bike classes is the most unique, weirdest or stylish exercise bike ever.

For some, an exercise bike is just a means for packing in a hard workout for fitness gains and is hidden inside the garage. For others, the form matters as much as the function, with the bike becoming an integral part of the interior decor.

(Image credit: Ciclotte)

That’s why you even have home specialists such as John Lewis selling NOHrD’s Indoor Bike in Walnut, Ash, Club and Oak (for £2,429 (opens in new tab)), because you wouldn’t want your wooden exercise bike clashing with the coffee table or the legs of your chaise lounge, of course.

Image shows NOHrD Indoor Bike

(Image credit: NOHrD)

Ciclotte describes his circular shaped invention for indoor cycling sessions as “the design exercise bike / exclusive fitness equipment / perfect decoration object [presumably, delete as appropriate] for the interior of houses, from luxury living rooms to unique bedrooms and bathrooms, hotel suites and yachts.”

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