I added a plank to my morning routine and was surprised with the results

I’m on a quest to get visible abs, and sure, I know the notion that they’re made in the kitchen, and it’s so much harder to burn it off, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding weird and wonderful exercises to my daily routine. I started with 30 sit-ups a day for 30 daysthen I tried 100 dead bugs a day for a week, and now I’ve moved on to planks. Do I have a rock-solid core yet? Well, see what happened when I tried adding a plank to my routine.

Luckily for me, you don’t need to hold a plank for as long as you think to get results — one researcher suggests you only need to hold the move for 10 seconds to work your core. A plank is an isometric exercise, designed to strengthen during the stillness, as your body works against gravity to hold the pose.

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Let’s start by talking about form. Your position during the plank is imperative for both the health of your spine and the results in your abs. In order to correctly get into the plank position, start in a press-up position, with your arms placed slightly wider than your shoulders, and your body weight resting on your hands flat against the floor, or your forearms, depending on which variation you opt for Think about creating a straight line from your heels to the crown of your head, engaging your core.

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