Trainer Operates Gym-On-Wheels Around S’pore, Users Can Enjoy ‘Anywhere Fitness’

Trainer Drives Gym-On-Wheels Around Singapore

Admit it—most of us may be guilty of slacking off when it comes to our gym routines, sometimes using inconvenience as an excuse.

Now, instead of going to the gym, the gym can come to you. Hoping to motivate Singaporeans to keep fit, personal trainer James Long decided to create the country’s first caravan gym concept.

A TikTok video shows how Mr Long brings the gym-on-wheels experience to places like public parks for his clients.


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The clip has since gone viral with over 385,000 views and 22,500 likes at the time of writing.

TikTok video shows gym-on-wheels with weight benches

The novel concept was first shared on fitness website Aktiv Intel’s TikTok account, showcasing Mr Long’s gym-on-wheels.

The video starts with the front view of the black van as the narrator introduces it as a gym, but on wheels.

Source: @aktivintel on TikTok

The camera then reveals the interior of the van, which appears to carry various types of gym equipment.

gym on wheels

Source: @aktivintel on TikTok

Upon a closer look, one can identify familiar gym items including dumbbells and weight benches.

gym on wheels

Source: @aktivintel on TikTok

Clients aren’t limited to working out in the van itself, but also right beside it in an open area. Perfect for enjoying great weather.

In the video, Mr Long is seen setting up the gym equipment at East Coast Park (ECP) at 6.30am, carrying them out of the van before his first client arrives for their session.

gym on wheels

Source: @aktivintel on TikTok

The narrator mentions that James drives his van “all around” Singapore for his clients, so they can work out almost anywhere on the island.

Trainer feels motivated seeing clients’ health improving

speaking with MS News, Mr Long shared that initially, he would drive his car to clients’ homes. However, he could only fit a few pieces of gym equipment in the vehicle.

Hoping to give his clients more equipment options, he decided to get a van instead.

gym on wheels

Image courtesy of James Long

When asked what challenges he faces while operating his gym-on-wheels, Mr Long revealed that managing this business can be a lonely process, since he’s always the first to be at the locations.

However, what keeps him going are words of encouragement from those who support him.

james long

Image courtesy of James Long

Mr Long also happily mentioned that his main source of motivation comes from witnessing his clients gradually improving, both in terms of their health and fitness.

He hopes that he can inspire more people to make an effort to stay active as much as they can.

Unfortunately for those who are interested in signing up as a client, Mr Long, a full-time real estate agent, tells us that slots are currently fully booked.

Keep fit whenever, wherever

Hearing how Mr Long’s business inspiration stems from wanting to empower people to keep fit has definitely encouraged us to make an effort to be more active as well.

His story also shows that it’s possible to carve out some time to exercise and burn some calories no matter where you are.

Hopefully, Mr Long’s determination to inspire others to stay fit will motivate more people to push themselves a little and keep their health in check.

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Featured image courtesy of James Long.

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