Fort Smith PD and CURE send 16,000lbs of medical supplies to Ukraine

CURE, or Compassionate Utilization of Resources, is an all-volunteer, Arkansas non-profit engaged in local area and regional benevolent work, collection and shipment of medical surplus to foreign hospitals, clinics and doctors and regional disaster relief.

The mission of CURE came after a tornado in 1996, which demolished homes and historic buildings across the River Valley, killing two in Fort Smith.

Volunteers who worked in the distribution center to assist with recovery wanted to help others affected by similar disasters.

CURE also offers crucial support for individuals and families without insurance or whose insurance will not cover medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds. Ron Hamilton, a member of CURE’s board of directors, said those without insurance that covers in-home medical supplies are able to get it loaned at no charge.

“Home health will gather things clients need that insurance won’t pay for,” he said. “I volunteered to help and knew the next thing I they asked me to be on the board.”

CURE's warehouse off of Zero Street.

COVID-19 definitely impacted disaster relief efforts in 2021, but CURE coordinated utilization of donated funds from many congregations and individuals in conjunctions with Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team and Disaster Assistance Mission to aid victims of hurricane Ida, and tornadoes disasters in Kentucky.

Hamilton takes care of their contact list, such as the Department of Health Services for foster care and area universities, CURE has been able to donate used furniture to them through who universities renovate their residence halls.

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