Model Natalie Beeson transforms body by walking

A model has shared her secret on how she got her toned body – and it includes ditching weights and skipping intense workouts.

Doing a quick scroll through Instagram or a flick through a magazine and you will most likely see toned and preened to ‘perfection’ models.

Many people may think they get their ‘envy-worthy’ bodies through grueling training sessions but one model has revealed how she ‘transformed’ hers without any heavy duty workouts.

Natalie Beeson has gone viral on TikTok after she shared a clip of how her figure has changed thanks to different physical activities she partook in.

In the video that has now racked up 169,000 views, the brunette beauty explained how simply walking “completely transformed” her body.

Natalie flaunted her bare face as she wore a black hairband and styled her hair in a plait, she explained: “This is how walking completely transformed my body.

Natalie shared how she managed to change her body through walking

“This is me when I used to do weight lifting and HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts.”

The model shared a snap of her younger self when she had a more broad and muscular physique.

Although Natalie smiled in the picture – she revealed she wasn’t happy at the time.

“I was literally so depressed and so unconfident and my body constantly hurt,” she admitted.

woman putting arm round gran
The model wasn’t happy with her body

Natalie then shared a past snap of herself as she flaunted her curves in a bikini on the beach, she said: “Another one, there’s nothing wrong with my body, I just wasn’t comfortable in it.”

The stunning babe then shared a modeling shot which showed her body to be more chiselled and slender as she explained: “Here I was just doing hot yoga and honestly I lost a bunch of weight doing that.”

Natalie then showed how her body has transformed through her love of walking and shared: “This is me now, one four mile walk a day and then maybe some Pilates like 15 minutes, four times a week.”

woman in black bikini and heels
Natalie feels a lot happier, physically and mentally!

The model stood in a black bikini and a pair of heels to show off her toned body and slender pins.

She said: “Not only is my body in the best shape it’s ever been now, but my mental health has truly never been better and I think it’s because of the walks.”

Amazed at how walking changed her physical appearance and mental well being, many people fled to the comments to praise Natalie for sharing her secret to her figure.

One person commented: “Goals!! And so good that you feel better mentally too.”

Another user added: “Totally agree – I’ve been walking 10,000 steps per day this month and I’ve lost quite a lot of weight.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Dude walking is a life changer!!”

Someone else shared: “Honestly when I’m walking a lot my body feels amazing.”

And, this person remarked: “Yes same, just started walking an hour a day and it’s so great.”

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