Alexander Skasgard’s Physical Trainer For The Northman Details ‘Explosive’ Exercise Programs And We Are In Pain Just Thinking About It

Alexander Skarsgård’s new film The Northman has a lot to offer, chief among them being an absolutely ripped Skarsgård. Ever since we caught a glimpse of the actor in this role, people can’t stop talking about how insane his physique is in the film. Make no mistake, to achieve such a hulking stature takes an incredible amount of work and discipline, which Skarsgård’s personal trainer, Magnus Lygdbäck, detailed to CinemaBlend in a recent interview.

In The Northman, Alexander Skarsgård plays a Viking, so his workout and diet were specific to achieving a physique one would sport while rampaging their way throughout Europe. As Lygdbäck put it, this was imagined as “strong, but not too lean.” He went on to explain what one of Skarsgård’s hardest days of training would look like:

I gotta be honest, there’s many brutal days when you wanna look like a Viking. They were all pretty tough but in a fair and balanced way. He was on a four split program, in four days he would work through the whole body. This meant he could target every muscle group much harder. On a leg day we would do over 200 reps on his legs. This is everything from Goblet squats to leg presses to explosive movements, biometrics, skaters… so a combination of heavy exercises but also explosive exercises. And those days are tough, they are.

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