Roundup: AI COVID screening tool launched at Bangalore International Airport and more briefs

Corporeal Health Solutions delivers AI screening tool for COVID-19 at international airport

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore, India has officially launched an AI screening tool for detecting COVID-19 and other communicable diseases by Corporeal Health Solutions, a Chennai-based provider of AI health tech solutions.

CHS, in partnership with the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA), is enabling this through its screening system called CHOCO – which identifies abnormalities in chest x-rays and provides results within “nanoseconds,” a news report noted. According to the company’s website, its technology has a baseline accuracy of 91%.

“During the pandemic, we observed the problems faced in the screenings at the entry and exit ports and saw the need for a solution that was faster and economically viable,” said Dr Mona Bhatia, coordinator of the AI ​​committee at IRIA.

In a four-week pilot study done by IRIA with over 1,500 volunteer passengers, the screening process using CHOCO only took five minutes per person, reducing standard passenger waiting time and ensuring a queue-free airport environment. The system was also found to detect communicable diseases in asymptomatic passengers.

Private hospital group EMC Healthcare taps Intersystem for digitization

Indonesia-based EMC Healthcare, the private hospital business of media company EMTEK Group, has chosen global IT provider InterSystems to digitize healthcare information in its network.

According to a press statement, the hospital group will implement the InterSystems TrakCare hospital information system across its six hospitals, unifying the network under a single EMR system.

TrakCare will allow clinicians from any of the EMC hospitals to instantly and securely access their patients’ medical records. With all departments running the same system, patient wait times and potential errors will be minimized, InterSystems said.

The EMR system further enables patients to continue treatment for their chronic conditions at home through remote monitoring integration.

Additionally, TrakCare features a patient engagement solution that allows patients and their families or carers to access health records, book appointments, and take part in the care process.

“The future of healthcare is digital,” said EMC Healthcare CEO Jusup Halimi. In explaining their decision to partner with InterSystems, he said: “Whether speeding up the patient’s journey, enabling treatment at home, or using the latest medical equipment and AI tools, data is central”.

“EMC Healthcare is taking a giant leap forward by becoming a digital hospital group,” Luciano Breastia, InterSystems’ managing director for Asia-Pacific, commented.

SIMS Hospital in Chennai launches home healthcare service with virtual care

The SRM Institutes for Medical Science Hospital in Chennai, India has launched its Hello Doctor program to offer home healthcare services with virtual care.

Based on a press statement, the program offers both home healthcare service and acute care at home, guided by monitoring and treatment protocols.

While it will mainly cater to the elderly and children, Hello Doctor will also provide treatment for over 50 acute conditions at home, including asthma, chronic heart failure, pneumonia and lung disease.

The initiative, according to SRM Group Chairman Dr Ravi Pachamuthu, was created in response to their patients’ demand. “It’s a people’s preference program equipped with a perfect combination of our best healthcare professionals and best of the technology to ensure the patient is not suffering any adverse consequences by maintaining oversight of him or her all the time”.

“With the launch of Hello Doctor initiative, SIMS is set to provide its proven quality hospital-level services beyond its existing walls and stays committed to ensure patients get the care they need in their home too,” Thiru Ma. Subramaniam, Tamil Nadu’s health minister, commented on the launch.

As part of Hello Doctor, SIMS Hospital launched a fleet of vehicles, as well as a helpline and a dedicated team of healthcare professionals to manage the programme.

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